Something to keep in mind in how we treat each other...


I saw that news story earlier today and was going to post here
on the forum, but I changed my mind.

You see… I was worried that if I posted this news story on the
forum that Wendy would make fun of me. I felt that she might
call me names…sniff :frowning:

I knew that if Wendy called me stupid that I would have to sue
her for ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS. I realized that I was so busy
today that I did not have time for a law suite and decided not to
post this news item.

But now that Wendy posted it instead of me, it makes me feel
like an idiot. If Wendy calls me a name now… I’m going to sue
her for sure. Just say it Wendy… I’m waiting for you. I gonna
get rich as soon as you say it.

Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never
hurt me… errr I mean… names can make me a millionaire!!!

I think this story is ridiculous… sorry Wendy. :roll:

I think everyone on the internet ought to send that lady
emails calling her names… then she can sue everyone
who sends her an email and she can become the riches person
on the planet.

People ought to think before putting fingers to keyboard…

I guess it was just a little too complex…:roll:

Well, if anything We–dy should know that blah, blah, blah, blah blah, cough, gag, spit !!!

AND another thing…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Boy, I’d like to see this one written up!!!:cool: :cool: :cool:


I read it, again. Here is what you have…

Person A pissed off Person B, and filed a suit. Person B was the only one to show-up in court and won a default judgment, since Person A presented no interest or defense. As a result, Person B has a judgment that she cannot collect.

I don’t think you have a strong enough case, here, to overturn any “freedom of speech” defense. It’s rather silly, actually.

What James said.

Good grief Wendy,

I am very offended by your implied threat to sue anyone who does not treat YOU like YOU want to be treated.

Are you planning to become one of the sue-happy?

Boy. Nobody seems to be reading this correctly.

rolling…and rolling eyes…

Well, at least the board doesn’t seem to be as vicious as it used to be…sigh


I was expressing MY opinion. What was your intent on posting the article and your comments that followed?
You either need to clarify your comments or apologize for offending. Which will it be?

***I see you up to your old tricks. Post a provocative post and then remove or edit it after some grief comes your wa***y.

I tried to clarify them and everyone misunderstood that! So I think it’s a bit futile.

It became readily apparent after reading how long the nastiness has been going on here on this bb, that people inherently look for the bad rather than the good in people’s posts. They go for the jugular, and don’t let go until their prey is wearied or beaten down.

So no, I’m not going to sit here and explain myself over and over again when nobody even noticed the fact that I included myself in the intent of my post.

Ok people, wake up and start reading what the message is really saying, and quit trying to read what it did not say. We have a case right now that will be coming to trial here in Ohio for just this thing. My suggestion to you is to hold your tongue on the public message boards, and use PM’s or a phone to that person. I did not read any where that Wendy was threatening anybody with a law suit. If you felt that she was? Then maybe you should think real serious about what you are saying about her, or anybody else. I for one am tired of not only seeing people here on the BBS slamming Wendy, but the Newbie, or anyone else that has a different opinion then them about a issue. This slamming is not limited to I disagree with you, but calling them liars. Let take this message for what it is and clean up our messages on this BBS.

Wendy what happened to your post? I’m on the phone with my lawyer checking if I can sue you over this!!!

Seriously,why spend the money to sue if you know even if you win you have no chance of collecting?


What Mark said.


I think you should re-post original message,and take all criticism like a HOME INSPECTOR!!

Wendy, please place your posting back on the BBS. I read it and no where did you make any verbal or written threats to any one on this BBS. People need this posting back so that they can read what was said and not implied.


You should really go and read some of the 3000+ posts(that’s if she hasn’t deleted them) I had my had my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek when I feigned offence. :shock:

I have been cordial and non mean spirited in my communication with Wendy both public and private. That’s speaking for myself of course.

This message that Wendy posted has nothing to do with being a Home Inspector. It has all to do with people on this BBS being a professional and showing that in the postings. Professionals do not make vicious attacks against some on else.

I have read alot of Wendy’s posts and I have also read alot of the vicious post against Wendy buy others. Right now I am speaking out on this because I feel that we as professionals need to stop all of this round and round attacks on this BBS. This includes Wendy, and anybody else. If you have a problem with a post? Say so with out all of the name calling and vicious attacks. Again, read the article, no where did she write that she was going to file a law suit on any body here. She is just asking that we all step up and quit making these type of attacks on the BBS.



It’s raining here in Toronto nothing better to do but post and respond.The misc.Discussion board usually has nothing to do with home inspectors or home inspections,perfect example Wendy’s post.

And where do you get vicious from my posts?If anyone has shown respect to Wendy it’s me.

Mark you have to lighten up man,my posts to Wendy here are all in fun!

Read my post again.


P.S. I’m very professional

I support you in your campaign to stop the vicious attacks on anyone on this board and agree wholeheartedly that they are very unprofessional. I do not enjoy the harsh tone of so many personal vendettas being played out on this board.

That said - We should strive to be content and “agree to disagree agreeably” on a number of issues both HI related and others.:eek: