Something to think about before calling it a night

It’s a quote, that is why it was in quotes and italics. I posted the “link to the advertisement claim”.

With 393,000,000 registered firearms in the United States I’m amazed at how responsible the vast majority of these gun owners are.

Every gun owner is aware the Libtards are anti-gun and pro abortion. If Biden wants to come and take my guns he’s more than welcome to cross my threshold.

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There’s that phrase again. I really don’t get it!!

So much to unpack here. Was I dreaming when Beto said “hell yes we are coming for your guns?”. Who is fueling this exactly? Every time politicians ramp up their rhetoric, guns sales go up.

Another might say, “we are unsafe, there are so many guns on the street”. I would say “You are unsafe because there are so many criminals on the street.”

American military is the largest and most advanced in the world. We should consider disarming so other countries won’t war with one another.

As I stated previously, as crime rises (with or without a gun), as our police become less effective, our DA’s allow criminals to roam, and politicians take aim at our ability to defend ourselves, you can bet people will turn to firearms to protect themselves.

The premise is all ass backwards. Maybe we should not disarm our citizens, we should enforce current gun laws, protect our schools and not defund the police so we can live in relative safety.

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I’m the only guy that ever got passed legislation, when I was a senator, to make sure we eliminated assault weapons. The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether – whether it’s a 9-millimeter pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous. I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things. - Joe Biden


A Blackburn spokesperson sent NewsHour a statement on behalf of the senator: “We must take meaningful steps to protect our children and that begins with enhancing physical security at schools. There is already roughly $100 billion sitting in the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund that can be used for this purpose. In addition, schools should have secured, limited entry points, and increased funding for school resource officers. School officials with prior military or law enforcement experience should be allowed to carry firearms. Finally, mental health must be taken seriously. We should improve access to resources and treatment for those suffering from mental illness.”

Below is another interesting idea…But I ask, who is going to enforce this law? Certainly not the democratic judges, the demoralized police, socialist DA’s or corrupt mayors.

In fact, the law will likely be used for politicians to go after their political rivals, such as the gun owning conservative.

My federal anti-gun trafficking bill, the Hadiya Pendleton and Nyasia Pryear-Yard Gun Trafficking & Crime Prevention Act, would make gun trafficking a federal crime to help keep guns off our streets and out of the hands of those who would not be allowed to buy them legally.

I think this thread started as a tribute to Ukraine and is now at gun control policy. Miami has found a way to tie both of these together.


I don’t give a shit about the Biden or Beto rhetoric. It would take a constitutional amendment ratified by 38 states for the government to have the power to “take your guns”.

You’re right. Maybe. But You can pick at it, low hanging fruit, just like NY and you’re right is basically nullified.

I posted the requirements to own a gun in NY above. In that case, the only right you have to own a gun is to petition the government.




You would have to be a complete idiot not to recognize that Wall Street corporations are responsible for the soft genocide called “transgenderism”.

On this day June 17th 1918, Eugene Debs gave his famous anti-war (WWI) speech, which landed him in jail.

“The working class have never yet had a voice in declaring war. If war is right, let it be declared by the people – you, who have your lives to lose.”

"In the Middle Ages when the feudal lords . . .concluded to enlarge their domains, to increase their power, their prestige and their wealth they declared war upon one another. But they themselves did not go to war any more than the modern feudal lords, the barons of Wall Street, go to war. "



I’ve fallen and I can’t get a positive approval rating.


At his age, that could end the Presidency


Then you would have President Harris. :flushed: Pretty sure (hopefully) Ol’ Joe isn’t going for a second term. Hopefully, neither is the Orange Blimp. Get somebody actually qualified to take on the position.

Read through this list and you’ll realize the most qualified president has already been elected.

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