Something to think about before calling it a night

You forgot…YOU get paid


It was not on my list.
I pooped in my pants yesterday. No one told me not to… … . not on list.


Obviously the political whores and the dunces aren’t taking it well either.

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The beginning of the end for civil liberties. What’s next? According to Clarence Thomas, sodomy, gay marriage, and condoms. According to U.S Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind), mixed race marriages. Talk about setting the country back 150 years.


Written by Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, and Freedom Watch.

Yeah, Baby! There’s a new Sheriff in town!


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Last week the libtards wanted our guns. “Guns are killing our children”. This week the libtards are pissed they can’t kill innocent babies!

I’m sure the riots are right around the corner.


If “Libtard” comes from combining the words Liberal and retard, what do you get if you combine Republican and retard?


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Only a race-baiting idiot or a liar could draw a parallel between killing babies and interracial marriage.




Funny how those of us that despises both parties don’t have a nickname…



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The parallel is that the previous Courts applied abortion rights, gay marriage and interracial marriage as well as other cases the same way to the Constitution. The current Court didn’t just decide that “killing babies” was wrong, they decided that how Roe was applied to the Constitution was faulty which means that every case that was applied the same way was faulty. Pandora’s box is open.

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America would probably have a hundred million more native-born citizens today, if the abortion mills had not been humming for the past 50 years. Your fetish for killing the unborn has created a threat to our national security, as the unborn are replaced daily by illegal immigrants who have no respect for American values nor the rule of law.