Something to think about before calling it a night

How nice, you are correct again Tom. Bless your heart. :wink: :us: :us:


So Trump denies knowing anything about it. And now his supporters are pissed?

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Ryan UeckerrueckerInterNACHI®️ CPI
Are you are a DS shill or just brainwashed by the DS media and your AI?

Are those the only two choices?

No tell us the truth…

Where are the Congressional hearings on the AIPAC “babysitters” assigned to each congressman?

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, YouTube, Facebook, are so leftist. They all sing for the Democrat party. And they have captured too many people’s trust.

They tell Lies…many many lies. They do this with intention.

Skip to minute 4. It’s disgusting what they did to this man.






The lying, whoring media downplay the assassination attempt.


As with most of these shooters, we find out they were bullied. It’s the main theme I am seeing anyway. He found a high-profile way to go out. If it wasn’t this gathering of people, it would have been a different one down the road. Among other things, we need to address the bullying issue if we want to stop or slow these tragedies.

Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally, was reportedly a bullied loner with an affinity for hunting outfits and video games.

Crooks, a 2022 graduate of Bethel Park High School, was described as a reserved individual who was often the target of relentless bullying.

Focking disgusting. This is why so many otherwise intelligent people are in a haze.

Places I never thought about living in anyway, but good to know nonetheless. :thinking:

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Nice to see the Biden camp try to lower the temperature by suspending attack ads for now. I would suggest the Trump camp do the same. As a matter of fact, it would be nice to see both the red and the blue teams take a more respectful approach moving forward.

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There will be some questions that need to be answered as to how the gunman pulled this off, and there will likely be some changes made moving forward. But my respect goes out to all of the guys and gals out there that are willing to sacrifice their life for our country, and in this case, for our current and past presidents.

God bless our Secret Service members, as well as all of our other Police, Military, Fire, and First Responder members. They are real heroes in my eyes.