Something you should be aware of: Raccoon Roundworm Encephalitis

:shock: [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Raccoon Roundworm Encephalitis :shock: [/FONT]

[FONT=Univers][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Baylisascaris procyonis (BP), a common roundworm found in the small intestine of raccoons, causes severe or fatal encephalitis (neural larva migrans [NLM]) in a variety of birds and mammals, including humans.

[/FONT][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=3]BP also can cause human ocular and visceral larva migrans. Humans become infected with BP by ingesting soil or other materials (e.g., bark or wood chips) contaminated with raccoon feces containing BP eggs…** (**more](


I think I’ve been exposed to this. It seems to affect the memory and it also, if I am not mistaken, affects the memory.

I believe you are suffering from C.R.S. syndrome! It seems to be prevalent in the state of New Hampshire and I also believe it is highly contagious. I have been told that you can transmit it through the Internet!

Hi Ken,
That is an excellent article.I will add it to my library. As a grandfather, I thank you for taking the time to do this research for us!
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And yes, thank you Kenton. Really appreciate this information as we have coons everywhere here. :shock:

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Remember Missouri also has tickborne and skeeter borne encepalitis…I have 3 tickborne diseases.All from missouri tick bites.Mine are Lyme /lyme like disease,ehrlichiosis,bartonella and possiably babesia

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Oh goodness! I was just hearing about babesia. I know alot of the ladies that have interstitial cystitis, which is what I have, also have lyme and other similar diseases. Yuck!!!

I heard that Nick caught this while working at his cabin. :smiley:

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Folks, encephalitis is worth worrying about in this business.

I got it 3.5 years ago. Wildly varying fever and occasional loss of conciousness. Scared the **** out of me and my family. Creamed my memory and I am now slightly dyslexic.

No kidding.