Sometimes plumbers just don't get it

The entire house was plumbed with CPVC


That’s allowed in some jurisdictions. The real wack job was the electrician who tied the bonding clamps to it.

The CPVC re-pipe is not an issue. I thought it was funny that the plumber (assuming) made the effort to reinstall the bonding conductor.

I hope it was the plumber. I would hate to think the electrician did it.

The proper way to bond the plastic plumbing pipe is with the plastic wire that the gardeners use in their weed wackers, absolutely using a torch to melt it to the pipe for a quality bond. :wink:

Yes, but that’s for 200 amp. For 100 amp, you use mono-filament fishing line, and at higher ampacities you use 1/4" polyethylene tubing.

Only after you sign this form!]( :stuck_out_tongue:

Joe, that is hilarious:shock: :smiley:

Jeff that has to be a weekend warrior job would not even lay that at a plumbers door. Best I have seen since Mobey Dick was a minnow Sure glad those kind of folks live in CA;)

Don’t think I ever met a plumber that thought electricity would travel through plastic but I guess you just never know about people.

Only a matter of time…

I recently inspected a home where the prior owner (recently deceased) had won a Nobel Prize for the development of electrically conductive plastic polymers.

Interesting read.

Well hey, it’s a water pipe. Water is conductive, and the pipe goes to the ground, right? And “perhaps” the pipe leaked a bit right there at the connection??? :slight_smile: