Sonos! ROCKS!

I just got 2 Sonos 3’s and 1 Sonos 5 for a whole house music system and holy crap it rocks! I can play all the same on one system or change music on each station and it sound good. All done from my iphone!

I love it…need a couple more Sonos 5’s for a better sound…LOVE it and highly recommend it. No wires except power all done through the WIFI connection. Man I love technology!

Just in case this may hit your Christmas list

Need to look at that…

For total portable wireless sound from my phone or laptop I use my Jambox on the road as it holds 14 hour charge… and it works off any bluetooth device.Darn thing is non breakable.

Bob you would be happy…it is advanced and sounds awesome…a little pricy, but what isn’t that is new?

Too late for Black Friday.
But yes you always pay more for cutting edge toys and that is why Sharper Image exists.:P)