Soon, InterNACHI members will have access to everything that exists from anywhere... for free

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That is great Nick. :smiley:

This is great. You should work on getting Ohio inspectors to pass the residential electrical designation from ICC and I would help lobby for those who have that cert be recognized to perform residential electrical inspection.

This is going to be a new market since only an ESI can call out defects in the electrical installation.

Ohio is finally going to licensed electricians for residential work and they aren’t allowed to perform electrical inspections either.

A home inspector with the ability to inspect electrical will be in a greater demand.


Great work, Nick. The ICC. Well done as usual.
The International Code Council is a nonprofit association, like InterNACHI, providing a broad scope of building safety tincture. Product evaluation - Accreditation - Certification - Codification and Training.

Awesome and Thank You. Man it feels good to be back home.

InterNACHI’s new free online courses will include ICC exam preparation courses to help InterNACHI® members pass the state- and municipality-required ICC exams to become building inspectors, building contractors, electricians, plumbers, and numerous other types of contractors.


This is incredible, and just continues to show the unmatched benefit of being a InterNACHI member in a way that supports and raises the credibility of the entire profession. Very thankful to you all.

Loving it. This is greatly appreciated by all of us whom are focused on honing our skills and obtaining more credibility. Great job Nick.

Soon, InterNACHI members will have access to everything that exists from anywhere… for free -
This is great, now we can have free access to all the CCPIA commercial inspection resources. InterNACHI is great!

When will this happen?

9…15…36 months…

YEAH, WHEN! :pleading_face:

that’s fantastic