Soot from Barometric Draft Damper (posted by Ted Hull)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Ted Hull (from Baltimore, MD). [/ASKNACHI]have an older oil furnace with Barometric Draft
Damper. The last time the unit was serviced, the
igniter was adjusted to prevent the access door from
blowing open during ignition. Even so, soot still
escapes from the draft damper.

Is there a way to filter the soot that the damper
spits out? Could a filter box be attached to the
damper (on the intake side)?



Hi Ted, Soot shoud not be coming out of the barometric damper so a filter would not be needed. You may have a blockage/restriction in the flue or damper may just need to be adjusted. There is a little thumb screw on the damper that does this. I think you need to call back your service guy and address the problem ASAP.

Mr. Hull,
As Mr. Hinsperger states, soot should not be blowing out the draft damper. You should consider having an HVAC or Burner Technician check your system.Typically a check of the flue/chimney should be performed to ensure proper draft. The burner control adjustments should be checked, the furnace cleaned, and an efficientcy test performed. Usually older burners are not as efficient as newer ones, but, you still should not be sooting at the damper. I did a watch and learn once for GOTT Co., believe me they have a lot to learn, so check around for a reliable HVAC contractor.

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John Jordan

Have the furnace tech perform a draft test on the furnance to ascertain exhaust temps. If you have a long chimney run which is prone to cooling down between furnace on/off periods this could result in exhaust spillage until the chimney heats up and begins to draw.