Soot in gas fireplace?

Is it possible to have soot build-up in a gas fireplace with ceramic logs?


Yes, many artificial log sets burn “dirty” with incomplete combustion of the fuel gas and a yellow flame, thus they will produce soot

Also, just having the logs positioned incorrectly, as in a ventless set, will cause soot.

a ventless set in a fireplace with doors closed will make lots of soot…should really be no glass doors on a ventless set and just the opposite for the vented ones…


You should always expect ceramic logs to soot up somewhat. Some log sets must have a very specific placement while other manufacturers leave the placement totally up to the homeowner. Vent free logs MUST be in their exact position. With most ceramic logs, you should try to minimize direct flame impingement, which leads to a soot formation.

Proper combustion involves the old fire triangle of heat, fuel, and oxygen and combustion efficiency is time, temperature and turbulence. With gas logs, the soot build-up is usually caused by cooling the flame (such as by impinging on logs or embers or by too much secondary air) along with some inadequate mixing with oxygen.

You can clean this soot with THESE.