SOP Revisions

I noticed the INACHI Residential Standards of Practice were most recently revised on 02/24/12.

Does anyone know what the latest revisions entailed?

Are older versions of the SOP archived?

wayback has past versions
not sure anyone but

knows the rest

Cool Barry, Thanks.

Barry was much younger in that picture…

I do not use the INACH SOP myself, but I do reference my State SOP in my Inspection Report, my Scope, and my Inspection Agreement.
I review the SOP form time to time to make sure I am current with the Standards.

I am not fond of some of the wording in the INACH Standard.


I agree Jim.

But not near as young as in this picture

I check my State SOP periodically to for changes to make sure my Reports are in compliance.

I wonder if everyone here has made any changes that correspond to the latest SOP Rev?

here is the last NACHI SOP
that I have on .pdf…
not aware of any advertised changes…

That is not the most current Rev Joe.

as I said…
not aware of any advertised changes

I kinda thought that is how you meant it, but not sure. :smiley:

I use my State SOP and keep up to date on it better than the INACHI one as my Report, Scope and Contract all reference it.

and I wonder if there is anyone here…
that can explain the changes to the SOP and Why it was altered…

We had a slight kerfluffle the last time the SOP was changed without much fanfare. A section was added saying we would test AFCI breakers with a “Test Instrument”.

A few of us did not like it at all.

At least now there is a Rev Date on the Document.

This last Rev I would not be happy seeing that I am required to:


I. **The inspector shall:

determine and report whether the water supply is public or private**;".

But like I said, I do not use the INACHI SOP.

Thanks for the heads up Brian. I guess Nick and company expect their 10,000 members to keep up with SOP revisions on their own. Willing to bet at least 95% are unaware of the latest “update”.

Like you, I use my State’s SOP.

Fortunately we’re not required to determine if the water or sewer is public or private. Curious to know how many using The Nachi SOP are putting this info in their report.

I just realized that I have an even older copy or the SOP I copied mine in 2009

The changes that I have found though are in
Section 1 Definitions and Scope
Section 3 was moved to section 2 Limitaions, Exceptions and Exclusions.

Added text is highlighted
Removed Text is Red
My Comments are blue

SOP Changes.doc (43.5 KB)

I would think that if you include a copy of the SOP you are working to, or clearly delineate the Rev/Date of the SOP you are working to, in your report then you should be fine. Of course you need to make sure to capture all the relevant points called out in the SOP somewhere in your Report/Scope/Contract.

We have a committee for this purpose. We have also had open discussions on the matter. I do not recall entertaining a request to change the SOP.

For a majority of us, a minor change has almost no significance, as we are only required to SUBSTANTIALLY comply with the SOP. This allows a member to follow other association’s versions. Above all, follow SOMEONE’s version. Dont veer too far off the reservation, so to speak.

However, absent of notification explaining the change, I question its validity. Nick does not typically involve himslf in these matters. However, I believe Ben does. Ben is not able to make changes to the SOP, and have them ratified, without notification, discussion, and justification.


When were these changes made and why?

Unless it’s a significant change (ex: grammatical), we don’t document it. Last major change was about 3 years ago (AFCIs).

Bad practice IMO.

Rev dates/numbers would be the sensible the thing to do for ANY changes. :smiley: