Does anyone know where I can order the InterNachi "preprinted SOP’s?
Charlie has them, but doesn’t have them on their website. Email them at

Thanks Nick,
I just sent them an e-mail.

I can also have our Marketing Department create/print some for you. No charge.

Charles, are these what you’re looking for?

No Jessica,
I have ordered them in the past. They are bound on the left with holes pre-punched, about 6 pages long. The are packaged about 30 - 40 per pack, wrapped in cellophane. I tried to look at my past orders but they were not there. Like I said I have always ordered them, I thought from Inspector outlet. I wish I had kept one for a form number. Jessica I know this is my fault for not remembering or keeping form numbers. I really appreciate your help. Surely I’m not the only home inspector that includes these with every report. Also the COE is listed on the last page. IT is much cheaper for me to buy than to copy and print. I’m going to go thru lat years receipts to maybe find some paper work about them.
Thank you very much,

Charles… this is probably what you are looking for… this site has always been a confusion to members looking for stuff since the **Nachi Mall **disappeared and **InspectorOutlet **was created…

That is “exactly” what I’m looking for. Thank you very much.