SoPRFI Basis of opinion

Another thread generated this RFI. The Texas Standards seem to imply a basis of opinion is required for foundation opinions. There appears to be no other requirement to provide a basis for ones opinion. This RFI asks TREC to provide guidence.

The Standards state in the foundation section:

(3) generally report present and visible indications used to render the opinion of adverse performance, such as:

The SOp are here

The foundation requirement for a basis is:

FONT=Arial generally report present and visible indications used to render the opinion of adverse performance, such as: [/FONT]

  • Does the SoP wording above serve to provide a basis for the opinion of adverse foundation performance?
  • Is the inspector required to provide a basis for their opinion anywhere else in the Standards other than the foundation section?

Until notice by TREC, the inspector is not required to provide a basis for their opinion other than as specified in the foundation section. If it is considered a required reporting item please provide the source used to make the determination.

You’all have one heck of a SOP to inspect too…I’d have to think the cost of an Inspection in Texas has to be pretty good…I couldn’t imagine one of the $250.00 fly-by-nights lasting long in business there…which is good if in fact you don’t have a bunch of Low-Ballers there.

I’m not sure what you charge in Arizona or even Dallas, but $250 is what most charge here in East Texas. I just recently increased my rates so I’m a little higher than that, but it’s not particularly easy when most the guys around here charge .10/sf

I don’t consider myself a $250 low-baller and I believe the cost of an inspection should be higher, I just can’t get anyone to agree with me :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we have low ballers galore. If I had a dollar for every time I hear "we so and so affers everything you do (even IR) for -pick a number around half of my fee- I could retire.

Hi Bruce, Kevin,

I been able to get about .20 per sf here, we have lost many many inspectors who didn’t renew their certification the last couple of years…I think there are less than 600 left state wide.

Your competition certainly do have some low prices if you’re competing against $250.00…!


$250 is actually a “high fee” for many of the drive-bys.

Many are doing them (including WDI and IR) for $199 or even less.

They are rampant all over the state. Many of them just don’t “get it” or they are so tight with their RE-Agent friends that they can’t or won’t change their fee.

I’ve had many calls from shoppers telling me that “their agent” said the HI should not charge more than $150 and that my quote for the property at (for example) $450 is robbery. Client will some times tell me they will just use the HI their agent recommends as he will only charge $150 or $199.


Nolan Kienitz
Nolan’s Inspections, LLC