SOP's in a different format

Anyone work up the NACHI SOP’s in a more user friendly format? I want to attach the SOP’s with my agreement and make my clients initial each page. In it’s current format, which I’ve cleaned up and have as a PDF on my website, is 16 pages!


CREIA has a nice format for their SOP. Only adds 2 pages to the agreement. It is laid out as a two column page, text is small but readable. I think with contracts we need to be minimum 9 point, but I’m not positive.

The preference would be in WORD format so we can all benefit and add our logos, etc.

Go to
Highlight what you want, and Ctl-C. Then go to a new word document and Ctl-V.

Format it however you want to…

Yea Mark, but you see shrinking text does not alter the tab stops in an outlined document so you end up with huge spaces between the outline levels. Certainly do-able, and I started down that road but it’s not the most attractive.

In that case, paste it into Notepad instead. Save it as a simple text file, then open that in Word and format it. By going through a simple asci text without any formatting it will make your re-formatting much easier.

Darin, why not redirect them to your website to read the SOP instead? This will help drive traffic to your site too. The client is not going to actually read and understand the entire SOP and I doubt a court will expect them to either. Make sure what you need is in the contract. Sometimes if you make something too long it makes people suspicious as well. (Just my 2 cents)

I agree with Dom and I know the less the client has to sign and initial the happier they are. Mine can hardly ever do the online contract without mistakes. The almost never check the last box and it usually aggravates them enough to complain about it.