Sorry, I can't inspect your roof today,

unless I have a jet pack, grow wings, or fly over with a plane.

It did have a nice view from the 3rd floor deck though. :smiley:

You should have taken Wayne with you. :mrgreen:

Quite the Love Shaq, Sean—:smiley:

Odd design, but it would keep you in shape walking the stairs…:ack!:

Plenty of stairs.
Typical build for rental cabin.
3 levels
Each had 2 bed 2 bath

Sean Never calls never writes . :smiley:
you know they forget us old guys

I would have inspected the roof with my camcorder rig.:slight_smile:

A simple grappling hook would have gotten you up there :smiley:

What did your report say?

Better pack a lunch climbing that bad boy!

Shipping Weight: 179 pounds

Thanbks for the info Michael !

On sale for 1479.00 what a deal!

All aspects of the roof could not be viewed or accessed to be inspected.:smiley:

Nice place, I do not inspect roofs unless they are fairly easy. I don’t think that one would qualify, :slight_smile: