Sorry looking vent

I got a call to go check on an architectural violation, simply means someone called and I inspect to ensure it isn’t just someone being a crabby neighbor.
People next door called it in.

This is an $850,000 home.
Homeowner and contractor will be getting a letter.

Just tell them to install sprinklers. :wink:

I’ve never seen such a thing. It’s a vent for what?

Wonder how it ever passed code inspection.

Contractor engaged Inspector in riveting conversation about hunting or fishing.

I can’t help that we both fished the same bass tournament last weekend :mrgreen:

Its a gas fireplace and code says it must vent 4’ from any window or door. So I’m guessing that’s 4’ and away from the soffit and fascia. As much as I hate holes in a perfectly good roof the vent should have gone through the roof or been direct vented. I didn’t install it so I’m just guessing this was done by a local fireplace franchise. Any fireplace gets “FREE” installation.

I think were looking at a free installation.