Sorry wrong number...

turns into an inspection.

Got a call as I’m leaving my first this afternoon and the party on the other end says, “Oh, I’m sorry I must have dialed the wrong number. Who did you say you were?”

ADAIR Inspection…

“Well what a coincidence, I’m needing an inspector.”


Turns out they’re buying a $2.7M wants tech inspection with pool, IR, the works “Money is not an issue.” she tells me… did y’all know I like wrong/RIGHT numbers :mrgreen:

You must have been a good boy lately.

I hope everything is OK after the BIG storm.

Wow Barry that’s awesome. Did you tell her since price doesn’t matter that she’d get a professional $5,000 inspection?

Now why can’t I get a wrong number call like that?? :mrgreen:

I am going to start posting my number on rest room walls

“Just inspections 863 635-5741”

Who knows


just goes to show You Barry… good things do happen to bad people.!!!nice phone work…jim