Sources for leads

Hi All,
I’m a new inspector and I’m trying to find the best and most effective way to get inspections. What, in your experiences, are the best places? RE offices, ads, websites, etc…?
Thanks in advance for the advice

Start by going around to your local real estate offices and talking to realtor. What ever you do, stay away from Home Advisor!! there are plenty of topics on Home Advisor rip off on here.

Thanks, I have found that most of the RE agents are in cahoots with their own inspectors eventhough they arent supposed to be. Who knows, maybe they get kickbacks or an inspection report full of fluff. I have personal connections with some and even they havent come through with any leads. Most of my jobs have been from lawyers and word of mouth. And thanks for the Home Advisor advice, I knew about them already. I am also stalked by Yelp ever since I put a free listing on their site. They want me to contract with them for $600 monthly for a year. Theyre nuts.

  1. Read every thread here

  2. Apply using hard work.

  3. Repeat.

Read everything you can about website SEO. Get your NAP (Name Address Phone) up on every page of your website, like in a footer. You may also want to list the specific towns/counties you service, so if someone searches for “Paterson NJ Home Inspector”, google will find your site.

Go through but don’t just answer the questions. Actually read the recommended articles and do what those articles say.