South Carolina/Awesome Inspector

My husband and I hired John Boensch from Benchmark
Inspections SC to inspect our ‘soon-to-be home’ as he was referred to us by our realtor. John was professional, extremely thorough, and knowledgeable. He spent five-six hours inspecting the home, sat down with us to discuss his findings, and then sent a HUGE written report. No stone was left un-turned. Hopefully another ‘soon-to-be homeowner’ will read this review and know that they are in very good hands when hiring John. Thank you.

Thanks Karen.

Here is John Boensch’s website:

Was that a 15,000 square foot house?

5-6 hours?

Thanks Karen. it is nice to see the feed back on your inspection .

Much appreciated … Roy Cooke


15,000 square foot home would take me a minimum of 2 days on site, a minimum of one to two days to write the report And that 2 days includes two inspectors on site all day, plus a roofing contractor.

What difference does it make? It took him as long as it took. The client is happy. In fact so happy that they took the time to get on this forum to give him a pat on the back.

I would think that a 15k sq/ft home would take you longer than 5-6 hours. But like I said, it will take as long as it takes. :wink: