South Florida Home Inspector Events

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone, in the south Florida area, know about four events coming up. For addresses and further details join our FB group:

05/31/16 @ 4pm (Inspector Brotherhood Event)
Exterior and Septic Tank Inspections “Training”

06/11/16 @ 9am (MDC Host Event
Free OSHA Training (In Spanish)

06/14/16 @ 6:30pm (Home Inspectors Association of
South Florida Event)
How to Grow Your Business

07/16/16 @ 9am (MDC Host Event)
Free OSHA Training (In English)

Disclaimer: Inspector Brotherhood is not an association, and is not a replacement for any existing group or association. On the contrary we are here to support other associations and each other. We have a hands-on approach with our informal training, and a mentoring program base on volunteers that want to strengthen the trade / inspecting industry.

Ramon I asked on facebook but it likely got missed. I am pretty sure what the septic will cover all stuff I do not know much about from personmal experience. Who is doing the exterior lesson and is it just a typical exterior inspection? Any thing different or from a prow like the septic guy on any area of the exterior like the roof or windows or cladding,etc…?

Just curious. I see it is coming up soon and I may be free so I may attend.

Do you want to post where and when here just for those who may not be on facebook and want to attend and what is required to attend fee or whatever?

Ramon…are you out there??? :slight_smile:

Happy summer…

Screw Outside but I’m down with the sausages :slight_smile: