South Florida Inspectors What Software do you Use?

I ask this question because our inspection are a little diffrent down here. Alot of CBS, No basemnets, Boilers ex…

HomeGauge some use Home Inspector Pro or others. You just adjust it for your needs. I find a basement on occasion.

inspect vue

Are you a member of FABI ? There are a lot of members of FABI that use our software including past presidents and board members. They also have created templates that are specifically for the Florida area (sea walls, extensive pool and sprinkler system comments) including ones that have pricing included for the Miami area. It is always a good idea to talk to other inspectors at the FABI meetings and ask what they use and why ?

Thank you Mr. Knight,

I will look into it…Thanks again


I use Jeffs software. if you want to see it let me know

Hey Bill,

Do you have a sample report I can look at send IM. Thanks

You can also go here and talk to Joey (past president of FABI)…

and click on the Florida Library link.

Do you also do Wind Mitigation and 4-points inspections ?