Southern California Event

We have made a adjustment to the speaking lineup. Mike Crow will be speaking on Management Secrets From a Multi-Million Dollar Inspection Firm.

2 Weeks to go Lets get registered

Humm…might need more booze at the bar. :mrgreen:

I’ll bring a bottle of Fireball tucked away in the car for ya Ian

Sheilenna, who built and ran a huge multi-inspector firm in California is speaking.

Hiring her own husband to be an inspector while she did the marketing isn’t really a multi-inspector business, it’s just a family business.

But I’m sure she’ll have something far more interesting to say than the used car salesman of inspector books. :wink:

She had 4 inspectors working for her… all 4 were CMIs or CPIs. I call that a multi-inspector business.

In 2010 my business partner and I launched an inspection business in Northern California. Within three years had one CMI and three CPIs.

In April 2010 (the midst of a recession) my business partner and I launched a home inspection business in Northern California. Within three years had 1 CMI and three full time CPIs.

I’m also on LinkedIn should you desire to view my professional profile. I look forward to meeting you.


Forgive me, I’m sure you’re a better business person than I am.

A big reason I became a home inspector is I’m just naturally critical and naturally look for inconsistencies, and home inspecting is one of the few careers where people see that as a strength. :wink:

My wife helps me with my marketing, but I would never refer to her as my employee, or something my company has. But that’s just me.

Sheilenna built up and ran her multi-inspection company. Her ex-husband was merely one of the inspectors who did the inspections. That’s how I came to know her and why I ultimately hired her (for her business acumen). She’s been working for InterNACHI full-time ever since (nearly 3 years now).

Fine, then just say that. Be truthful, and don’t hide behind fluffed up stories. :roll:

I’ve never heard you refer to Ben as merely one of your staff, or merely one of your employees. You always refer to him as your brother who joined you.

If my kids one day decide to join me, I can’t image ever referring to them as merely CPI’s who work for me. But that’s just me. :wink:

But that’s what he was, just one of the inspectors. She is the one who built the business up into a multi-inspector firm or else I’d have hired him instead. When you meet her it will be very evident who the business brain was.