Southern California - January sales up, prices down.

Southern California home sales rose slightly last month as investors snapped up the region’s lowest-priced properties, sinking prices to the lowest levels in more than 2 1/2 years, DataQuick, a research firm, reported yesterday. More than half of existing homes sold were foreclosed on in the previous year or short sales – transactions in which the price is less than what is owed on the property. There were 14,523 new and existing homes and condominiums sold in the six-county region in January, up 0.4% from the same period last year, DataQuick said.

I guess that explains why I’m still averaging 15+ inspections per week…

By yourself only???

Yep. “One man shop.”

Even if I were able to book that many (3 a day, I’m assuming), there is no feasible way for me to do it between my time spent at inspections and my reports. When we are really busy and if I have 2 inspections a day during the week, I struggle significantly and can barely make it happen. I am super curious on how you do it and/or what type of reports you use and/or how long your inspections and reports take.
Do you have a sample report or one you could email to give me some kind of idea ?
I always respect and appreciate your help, time, and knowledge on various subjects throughout this MB, especially HVAC, or is it electrical? :smiley: