Southern Colorado NACHI

The next chapter meeting on June 14 2007 will be on Water piping (Pex, Polybutaline, CPVC, Galvanized and Copper ) Pros and Cons, and what to look for. Instructor will be ME!!!

Hot stuff Hank, I’ll be there.
I have some recent samples of PEX that I picked up from job site scraps
at a couple Draw inspections I did recently on some new McMansions…
I’ll try to remember to bring em along.
see ya then,

Ill be bringing the tools used for installation and testing also. All inspectors should carry the testing tool. It works for both Pex and Poly.

Keep Rockin’, Hank!

Glad we had our times, when we got together to create Colo NACHI before HQ even moved out from PA!

PS - didja get a haircut yet? Hope not . . .

“…PS - didja get a haircut yet? Hope not . . .”

How would we know?

“…PS - didja get a haircut yet? Hope not . . .”

How would we know?


My hair is falling out fast enough that i don’t need one! :shock: :shock:

PS: your web page is up.

Actually my wife did trim it. She took off about 8 inches so it is only to my shoulder blades now. Eventually i will be able to comb it forward and cover up what is missing in front.:shock: :shock: :shock: