SOUTHFIELD MI, homeowners got several est's all except one, us lol, wanted to install an INT drainage system

… that would have cost much more money $$$, got that part?

they ONLY leaked in this area, so why talk them into anything other than what was needed and, the INT system would NOT have STOPPED the water from entering

lol oh shtt sorry clicked wrong button… rest of photos

yeah IN crack

another vertical crack, gotta get/seal that basement window too

our ride arrived, bye!

Way to go, Mark, the way it should be done to stop water from entering the basement! :smile:

that was some crack partner…nice work as always…

Look how professional Mark’s site is…no beer cans here: :cowboy_hat_face: :grin: :rofl:

and plenty of lawn protection…I’ll be He’s done that more that once…

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…just what I meant, Jim. :smile:

I wish I had a leaky basement so I could use him…well, maybe not. :joy:

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a bit extreme I think…

Yeah, you’re right.

So, I wish you had a… :innocent:

He took care of my Little Sisters basement in Allen Park does that count ?

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Heck ya! And, he helped out my niece in Rochester Hills. Great guy, too. :smile:

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lawn protection? yeah lol, this is how it looks when we’re done.

Jim, yeah nice peeps in AP, i did get a call and went over to that house, the buyers had another leak lol, back wall, right where i showed 'em there is a crack in wall, this was last Feb, i wrote an estimate for them, the buyers, but they never called back lolol hmmm, maybe they went the injection route, i thank you sir.


thanks for helping Mark !

thank YOU for the ‘rec’ man! shit, got any more family members here with leaky basements? lol send 'em all baby

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Mark, do you give free estimates? My nephew is living in the St. Clair Shores home I grew up in (I posted about it in another thread). The house (brick ranch) is about 62 years old. but my nephew has lived there for about 18 years. I guess they had an estimate of about $20,000 back then (not sure what type of solution it was) but they didn’t want to spend that much so they didn’t do it. I think they are looking to move. I figured it might help to sell the house. What is the name of your company? I’d like to recommend you to him.

Robert, yes sir free est’s and i bring my state lic and insurance on every est, no games no bull, whatever the problems are then that’s what lol the problems are and imo have ONE fix, if one of the problems is water entering through bsmt windows then those need to be repaired/replaced, if it’s tuckpointing (chimney etc) then that is the repair for that, if its exterior cracks in block walls then ext-waterproofing is needed to stop the water, if they have a blockage etc in their L-line/clean out then they’ll need an honest plumber, Mark Anderson basement waterproofing 586 777 7973 thank you Robert

oh lol and Robert, so you know, sometimes… if i can’t SEE what i need to see to determine the one or more problems i will explain then ask homeowner that imo it’s best for all if i run a water test with a hose in one or more areas to correctly identify their problem (s) to… get-to, the solution. Seems there are a few who either don’t ‘get’ this or just don’t wanna wait etc. I won’t do water test in this weather, like today, tomorrow type crap, just so you know.

Thanks Mark. I will forward the information.

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I told them to let you know I talked to you about the house and about the possible need to run a water test. I said that if it were my house I would definitely trust you to come out and if decided to do the work and get it done right, that you are highly recommend, respected, and reliable. I don’t know what more I can do. It’s up to them now. Hope they contact you.

thank you Robert!