Southgate MI renter living with mold, sewage and a leaky basement

The reporter, Erika E… is one of Uncle Bubba-milk’s flavor-ites, got milk?

At least part of the water problem in basement is due to leaky, cracked exterior basement walls

:10 duh front and side/grade sure look okie dokie from cheer.
Fat azz tree in backyard, could be some underground tree roots caused some of the cracks and subsequent leaks along with lateral soil pressure.

:45 sump pump, at least 1 step crack. Some dork tried painting the basement walls and floor, boy, that really solved some of duh problems.

1:55 ummm, at least 1 horizontal crack at the top of the first block from basement floor, water stains etc

Yep, exterior waterproofing is needed to STOP the water from getting in through the walls, The sewage etc they’ll need 1+ other honest sobs to fix.

Thanks Erika baby.