Space above grade

I just cant help to look now when I go on jobs, the space people have between grade level and the top of their foundations. I am really amazed how many homes seem to ignore that rule. So much it is making me question it a bit. How do Patios and sidewalks apply? A covered patio verses and non covered patio? How about a sidewalk that is placed or butted to the foundation and has drains, some plugged but they are there and the stucco sits right on the sidewalks. The stucco is stained about two feet up from the bottom with a rust color stain. I should of took some pictures.


In this case.
The framed wall was back filled 12 - 16 inches above grade on vinyl siding on a framed wall on Slab…
Eventual Buyer had to tear down / remove this addition and rebuild home.

Not many pictures for this Inspection as the Property was deemed FAILED in less than 30 Minutes…