Space Coast Chapter Meeting April 8, 2006

Fantastic. Congrats, Greg.

Hay Greg I will make sure I dont go fishing this time

Hi to all,

The bad news is that I am going to turn up :wink:

The good news is that I’ll be launching a new online course

See ya’ll there


Hey Carl,

I look forward to seeing you this time.

Thanks John

You sure will Gerry can buy us both a beer after!!

Hey Gerry,

You sure can attract a crowd. I am getting RSVP’S from all over the state.

Hi Greg,

just have someone checking for weapons at the door LOL



Hello Greg,

Peter Boorman from Piller Home Inspections will will be coming along to your meeting with me. That will another another Brit at your meeting:mrgreen:

Carl, room for 1 more. I live just off 50 at Avalon Park. I will pay your gas.

Carl, I keep telling them, "we’re back, and we’re taking over" :wink:

See you there


Too right Gerry, we are taking back what is rightfully ours:twisted:

Hi to all,

Bump: tonights the night all inspectors welcome to attend



Big thanks goes out to Greg Bell for hosting another highly informative meeting. Greg and the SpaceCoast chapter will over the next 4-month be studying various sections of the IRC with the focus on attaining the Combined Residential Certificate from ICC, big challenge worthy of support.

If you missed this meeting you missed another fantastic new training session from Gerry Beaumont. This month the subject was Electrical Inspections for the Home Inspector, from safety to basic theory, to code, to common defect reporting Gerry’s course has it all, look for it to be available on-line soon.

We are really blessed to have the wonderful talent pool available locally here in Florida, the membership should be using these meetings to sharpen their skills and advance their overall knowledge, please attend the meetings and keep up the good work!

This was and outstanding meeting. I was glad to meet everyone. Wow.

After the meeting I now have a special bond with Burkeson

Hi to all,

Thanks again to Greg for a great event. I for one look forward to attending some of Gregs ICC workshops over the comming months.

It was great to hook up with everybody.




Thank all of you for the nice comments.

Thank all of you for taking the time to attend.

Starting in June our meetings will be on the other side of 95 by Durango’s.

See Y’all next month.

On SR 50?