Spam and Outlook

Got this from a good friend and thought I would share it with all.Do you have Windows XP?
Do you use Outlook Express for mail?
If you do, then I have a great solution for you.
Sometimes I get 10 to 25 [BULK] emails a day trying to sell me whatever. I haven’t been getting them in my Inbox for a year or so because I re-direct them. What a relief! Someone told me about this quite some time ago and just today I made a tutorial on how to insert a path or channel for all your [BULK] mail to go into. It is easy to install and if you want to, then you can print it out to follow it very easily. I will put it at the bottom of this message. You should print it out for future use in case of a re-install of Windows when you buy a new system. You will not mess anything up by using or installing it. You should be able to print it on one page or just do it while you are in my message right here. I look into my [BULK] folder once or twice a week to make sure that someone from my list hasn’t sent me something with [BULK] in the subject line of their messages to me. All the Viagra, Stock Market, and phony Rolex guys don’t get to send me stuff anymore. Piece of cake with the install steps below. Takes about 2 minutes from start to end. Enjoy. Dale.

[FONT=‘Arial Black’][size=3]Creating a [BULK] folder for Outlook Express in Windows XP.

  1. Click on: Start
  2. Click on: Outlook Express
  3. Click on: Tools
  4. Click on: Message Rules
  5. Click on: Mail…
  6. In: Select the Conditions for your rule: [box 1]:
    check the box that contains the words:
    Where the Subject line contains specific words
  7. Click on: blue underlined text[in box 3] that says:
    contains specific words
  8. In: Type specific words or a phrase, and click Add. box type
    note that the brackets are in lower case [next to the letter p]
    and the word BULK is all upper case or capitals.
  9. Click on: Add
  10. Click on: OK
  11. In: Select the Actions for your rule: [box 2]
    Check the the box that contains the words:
    Move it to the specified folder
  12. Click on: blue underlined text[in box 3] that says
  13. In: Move the item(s) to the selected folder:
    left click once and highlight the folder:
  14. Click on: OK
  15. In: New Mail Rule box click on: OK
  16. In: Message Rules box click on: OK
  17. You are now finished. Enjoy. .[/size][/FONT]