I am getting private messages about Buhdism from this member “Patricia Patricia”. Although I am Christian, and do believe you may practice any religion you like, it doesn’t seem appropriate for this forum.


Regardless of wether you think it was appropriate or not for her to have done that, it sounds like she has opened an opportunity for you to share your faith with her as well. :smiley:

PM me if you need or wish any “advice” or help.



I sure made a point to share with her. I may be responsible for a conversion.\:D/

I also got the same “spam”, and took care of it with the handy dandy delete button.

What has the PM become? AOL!!!

I also would have shared with here, although probably not Christianity. :margarit:

I had two Jehovah’s Witnesses come to my home last Monday. All I had to do was say that I was in a committed 14-year relationship with my Domestic Partner and the two of them didn’t say a word. Just turned around and walked away.

Well let’s see. You aren’t a member. She isn’t a member. Maybe you two could get together in the “Non Members” section and work it out…:shock:

I won’t tell you how I get rid of them…LOL…You might appriciate it R.R.

There are a ton of scripts out there to allow spammers to use a PM system for spamming. I have a site I run with a forum with over 15,000 members where last year a spammer send some porn images for their porn site to all the members. Needless to say after that I restricted the ability to send PM’s to people who have made 10 or more posts plus a few other stop gaps. Sounds like it might be time for Chris to do the same. Make sure to send him a PM about the spam as I know I did not get it, he might not have either.


Me neither, and she would have got an ear full.
Om Yoho Rengay Keyoe.