Spanish reporting systems? Member needs.

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I much prefer email to private messages.

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Spanish, French, and other foreign language forms can be used with 3D Inspection System. Folks can easily create their own forms, or obtain pre-designed Spanish or other forms from other users who’ve already developed them. Several users who have created specialty forms and are willing to share or sell them to others are listed on the Marketplace page of our website ( ).

3D Inspection System software itself was designed for the English version of windows platform (it may or may not work on non-English versions of windows itsellf), so all Help files, program screens, and documentation for the program itself are provided in English only. However, reports can be completely done in another language, although only certain languages are available in 3D's built-in spell checker.

If using the English version of windows, one can also install and use other Language keyboards, and simply toggle between the installed keyboards as needed when entering reports or using other programs.

However, please note that any languages that require using the additional "Supplemental language support" options in windows will NOT work with 3D. For example, languages that require "Files for East Asian Languages" and "Files for complex script and right-to-left languages". Like Korean for example.

Donna, 3D Inspection Systems