spark screen

A brick chimney had a screen that covered just the top of the chimney like a lid.
is this considered a appropiate sparkscreen for brick chimney?

Not an issue in my book…

I’d rather see a rain cap…or both.

Thanks Dave / Larry

it depends on what type of fuel is being exhausted threw it. if it’s wood, i’d say recommend a rain cap. gas or oil, shouls be o.k. creosoot + water = sludge and could cause trouble. but i don’t think it’s any kind of “code” issue depending on your locals.

Not adequate here in high-fire-hazard San Diego County.

Since you don’t have a picture, if it’s what I think it is, I call them non-standard or outdated and recommend upgrading. I live in a state where, if a fire burns down a home, and they can prove that the fire started from sparks from your chimney, your insurance company will be buying them a new home, meaning that your insurance rates will go up, and you’ll be paying a nice deductible, meaning no more margarita pie.

I see this a lot and I usually consider it a problem. This is because I live in cold weather country. If the mesh is considerably small, it will act as a support for ice to form over effectively sealing the top of the chimney. Whether its a fireplace or a gas fired appliance, you can see the potential hazard.