Sparkies! What's your best suggerstion to those who feel weak in electrical?

What is the best approach to getting educated for those who feel like electrical is their weak point?


Get a copy of this book and study it

Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings by Douglas Hansen, Redwood Kardon, and Mike Casey

also Electrical Code Check

and create a working relationship with local “by the book” electrician(s)

I have 3 in my cell that I can call whenever something comes up

and there is always this to study

  1. Read as many books as you can, if you dont understand something you read…ask someone who knows. Not someone who thinks they know.

  2. If you do choose a local electrician to call on, make sure they are worth their salt…being an electrician does not mean they are a good electrician.

  3. Define specific electrical concepts you do not understand and ask specific questions…this helps you focus on specific things you want to learn versus just obtaining general informaton.

  4. If you want to grasp the basics of electricity and how it functions, the theories and just alot of good stuff check out Mike Holts Theory Series…

  5. If you really want to learn electricity beyond just identifying issues…like normal HI’s do…and want to really know why it does what it does and why certain conditions are hazards then get books devoted to that…form the foundation first.

I like Paul’s answers above, however I would like to add one more to it:
Take evening courses at your local college or university. Books and friends are nice, but I’m a hands on guy, I want to actually see what is going on, why it has to be done **this **way, why not to ever do it **that **way. Practical experience is the best teacher for me.

just my 2 cents + GST

Ask a local electrician if you can accompany him on a panel upgrade or install, buy him lunch. There are people who like to help others when asked, exspecially when you show an intrest in their trade.