Sparky Question

Ran into an old home today with a couple of issues I need advice about. Service from house to garage had 3 separate plastic wire feed (see pic) ,sorry to say I have never seen that before usually in single with insulated cover, is that OK. I know about the taped connection. Secondly, I ran into an old Wadsworth pull out fuse that supplied the furnace that also has a shut-off switch. The house has been rewired . Wondering if this Wadsworth should be removed or left as is.
What I really need to know is this a typical setup on an aged house for a garage service from the house where they separate the ground, neutral,and hot into three.

Exposed conductors on the floods as well. Never pass a Florida 4 Point :frowning:

I wouldn’t think that the wiring is ok. First off, too tight, there is no drip loop. And without a gooseneck I would think that water can pour into the garage like crazy. Did this lead to a sub panel in the garage? If so, was it rusty? Not sure about the pullout fuse.

Didn’t notice that Mike. That looks bad all around.

The wiring is wrong, and the splices are incorrect.

It doesn’t look like a pull out fuse. It looks like a disconnect?

Wadsworth is very old, but never heard of a problem with them. Insurance companies may not like fuses though.
The exterior pic has no drip loop & exposed wiring.

The wiring is wrong in more than one way. Insufficient clearance from the window. Insufficient clearance from the roof surface. Insufficient drip loop. Improper wiring methods viewed (splice). wire to the light is not rated for exterior use (at least as far as I can tell). wiring is outdated by today’s standards and should be replaced.

If the house was re-wired, the old fuse panel, disconnect or not, should have been replaced.

What you have is Individual Open Conductor service drop type. Usually found on commercial or older residential houses. Be careful calling it defective just because its an older style service drop. Explain what it is and describe how modern installs are a better and safer way to have electric service. Some of the posts here give some of those safer reasons , but just because its an older method and not seen often is not a defect. Im sure just explaining the differences will make a strong recommendation to upgrade the service

Now, about the position of that aluminum ladder…:shock: