Sparky what is this

Canister spot light incandescent bulbs with something that looks like a ballast or starter device anyone know for sure what it is??? Never seen one before I must lead a sheltered life;-)

most likely a fuse for a thermal cut-off


Thanks for the reply I did google and the best I could find is a temp/sensor

Look familiar?

             **Product Description**

         Accessory for IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, Compool and SunTouch Solar Control Systems.


  • Replacement part for Solar Control Systems
  • Includes 20 Ft… Cord

Technical Specifications:**

  • Thermistor: 10K
  • Cord Length: 20’

You nailed it google man had 4 fixtures with these installed or I should say 3 because one had been jumpered. Caught my attention with the IR two were reading 212 degrees and one was cool to the touch one had black tar oozing from it. The sensors were hotter than the fixture and they had been on for several hours.

Glad to help. It took less than a minute to find. :slight_smile:

I owe you a minute:D