Speak at a school

No idea how it came about but just got a call to speak to a class of grade 11 students on life and home inspections and what business they should think about when they graduate.
How about that me with Grade eight education advising these students .
Life is full of surprises .
March 1st will let you know how it goes.
I have so much fun it’s great .

Roy Cooke

Please be easy on the students. They scare easy and if you look at them them the wrong way you could get rolled in the parking lot!:roll:

Roy, just be yourself and shoot from the hip, and hope they don’t shot back!!!:shock:


You will do a great job Roy I’m sure of it!!!

Naw I have met a lot of teenagers and they have all been great .
The only concern I have is I only have 50 minutes hope I can get stooped in time
Roy Cooke

Roy that’s great - its a perfect time to start to plant a seed of the inspection career in their mind! Bring some visuals as well as talk to them - it will appeal to different styles of learners. Good luck with it - and as stated earlier - just be yourself!

Than again - don’t listen to me - what the heck do I know about teaching or reading?