Speaker Outlet

Well if you say so:shock:

You have got to be jokin’!

Maybe that was dedicated for a powered speaker of some sort. Did you open the cover and look inside, I wonder what’s behind the cover plate.

I think it sounds like a circuit for the powered speakers.

120v speakers? WoW!

Yes I did. :wink:


Well, NO

Clue: Owner is an engineer. lol

Though admittedly I do not know if did this work.

Well this might help clear things up, I guess.

Figures. :mrgreen:

Powered subwoofer.

He is an Idiot regardless.!

Jim, there is no power on the wires.

He used 120 outlets as and romex as speaker wire. See post 10

No connection to 129 volts.

There was a pair of them in the master bath and a pair of empty ones in the adjacent bedroom.

I suspect the bedroom pair was for connection to the speaker output of equipment that was not there.

Agreed. :smiley: