Speaking at a First Time Buyers Clinic

I have been graciously asked to represent inspectors at a first time buyers clinic. Do any of you have any suggestions, recommendations or sites to check out. I greatly appreciate any and all help.

Grover Brown :slight_smile:

Bring some food and lots of your business cards. You might think about a handout about defects you have seen in newer homes.

If it were me, I would put together an outline to hand out to each person detailing:

  1. What an inspection is.
  2. What areas are inspected.
  3. Why they are inspected.
  4. List of some common defects found.(set up expectations)
  5. Plug InterNACHI, why it is the best.
  6. Why they should use me because there are no regulations on home inspection companies and no licensing requirements for home inspectors in Ohio. I follow a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Let them know I hold myself accountable and am not just “winging it”.

I think people appreciate you being honest about that and feel more comfortable hiring you because you were upfront about something you didn’t need to be upfront about.

Of course, I would have a ton of cards and brochures ready to go!

You are the expert! Regardless of your experience! You know more than anyone else in that room about home inspections.

Exude confidence and state everything you say with conviction.

I would love to speak at a function like that! What a great opportunity to build your business and your reputation!

Good luck…was all this the kind of advice you were looking for?

I have an agent that I do first time homebuyer presentations for on a consistent basis. PM me if you want my PowerPoint presentation.