Speaking of FUBAR

I’m enjoying all the FUBAR photos and though I’d add one of my own from a recent inspection. Feel free to comment or add your own.


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Did someone hit and shift the building or did the Amish misplace the position when they moved it from one part of the land to another and forgot to bring the bottom plate? :smiley:

What was behind the insulation/kneewall?

LOL… Behind the insulation is the foundation wall.

Makes no sense… was it modular home?

Nope, not a modular. That was just one side of the home. The other side had a proper footer, but looked like this


Close but no cigar!

What is a fubar?

FUBAR is a military acronym for “fuc**d up beyond all recognition” (or fouled up). Alternatively “…beyond all repair”, or “…beyond all reason”).

Measure once and hope for the best.