Speaking of reports...

Can any of the most popular reports software be used for onsight reports? I am curious as to how it is done. How are pictures added and edited so fast? Do you need a printer, or do you DL to a storage device? I will take all the info you guys have.

HG and HIP make picture editing and importing an absolute breeze. The easiest method for on-site is a tablet PC and HG or HIP. You can use a printer or just upload to your chosen hosting site.

I find that it adds about $20-$25 per report to print on-site and it’s not in demand in my area. From what I’ve heard on this MB, some areas demand a tangible, paper copy printed on-site but up here agents and clients both love the website delivery method.

I’ve been in business a little over 1 year and have never had a client want an on-site report.

Eight years in business. All on site printing. Takes about 10 minutes to print 3 copies, 18 to 20 pages each copy. Pictures on CD. No work at home. Take the check, out of there, done.

1000 inspections, 2 printed on site Only because the agent was demanding it. Client didn’t care,

Similar here except my reports run between 30 to 40 pages, and I include a home owners hand book in the binder with the report.

Printing onsite adds about $8.00 or so for me. Great marketing tool as the client has a hard copy and a Home Owners book or this book with all of my info on them. :smiley:

I’ve been in business just over 4 years. Started out with web based reports. Do inspection–go home prepare report- send to client.

Now I do report on site, burn photos to cd and go on to the next one.:smiley:

Only have to save the reports at the end of the day. Only way for me!

I use a tablet PC and a Cannon Pixma printer, all fits in a briefcase.


If you print onsite, make sure to get a printer that has an ink refill kit. That way you can refill a cartridge 10 times for the price of 1. It makes it MUCH cheaper.

I use HomeGauge on site with a Tablet pc (hp 699.00). Flip the screen around to go over the report. I email from the site with an Air card. No printing. Done before I leave in about three hours. I even have them sign the screen, no paper.