Speaking of work jeans...

Home Depot has all of their Big Smith clothing on sale for 50% off, heavy duty Carpenters jeans for $9.95 and pocket Tees just$4.95. Good deal.

Anytime the banks are closed for a holiday, check Home Depot’s sales for that weekend. That’s about the only time I actually buy something at Home Depot, althought whenever I’m driving by one, I just have to stop to go in and see what’s new.


[INDENT][INDENT]Ya gotta love those work jeans…:mrgreen:


Mine don’t look that GOOD! I wanna a refund!

Great packaging!!!

I got me some new jeans at Walmart the other day. They are a new type of crotchless jean called danglers. :shock:

Costco still has jeans for $12.00 and sneakers for $15.99