Special CMI Meeting

I want to have a special meeting with all CMI members
who want to attend on Tues, July 24… at 8pm (cst).

New members to the CMI forum log in here

Go to the members only section of the forum at

I would like to exchange some ideas with everyone who
wants to see the CMI program grow.

Please spread the word.

Does anyone have all the CMI email addresses?

I don’t think I’ve seen an actual email list of the CMI membership. I can try and post your meeting request through the CMI website “find a CMI”, but I’m sure after 5 or 6 attempts the system will shut me down. Spam safety feature…

I’ll report back on how far I get.


As of 10:51 PM PST all CMI members listed on the CMI website, “Find a CMI”, have been notified of the special meeting via email.

Way Cool!

I rec’d the email!
Now, to go read the link . . .

John please read the email from me sent
please let me Know and send a reply…

From: “Roy Cooke” <roycooke@sympatico.ca>
To: “John McKenna” <inspector@31market.net>
Subject: CMI list
Date: Sunday, July 22, 2007 1:45 AM

New members to the CMI forum log in here


I never got your email.
Send it to <info@texas-inspection.com>

Excellent work Mr Handley. You the man.

Thank you very much.

We probably need to send all the CMI’s the log in page
to the forum now… I forgot most of them have never


Had a good meeting… Then it got even better when we jumped over to the chat room…:mrgreen:


Great first meeting. The chat room rocks! We’re on our way to bigger and better things for CMI.

Thanks again to John McKenna and Henry V.

Hey Russell,

Where were you? We missed ya at the CMI meeting…

Will, John, Guys, -

Only 6PM here at that time & had a late call for an insp around 4.
Really wanted to be part of it, Maybe everything is posted & I can go check it out . . . ??!!

Biz is hot & cold here, gotta go when you gotta go . . . .

I look fwd to next. Will there be a summary emailed out?



You can see the first half at the CMI forum.

The second half took off like a rocket in the chat room…:mrgreen:

Damn, I forgot all about the meeting last evening.

Sorry guys.

I’m still here if you need me and I did read the CMI MB (members only) this morning.

I know Dave, Momma come,s first. Haaaaa,Haaaaa

Mama ALWAYS comes first She is the BOSS. If she is happy you are happy. If she is up set you are Miserable.

Posted with permission…

I left the July 24th CMI member meeting with lots of great promotional ideas. One of these ideas was the development of a couple of large banners that can be shipped to CMI members to use at local marketing and promotional events. The idea is to have a few banners that could be used collectively on an as needed basis. If a CMI member has a local trade show or event they might be working, they could contact me with the event information and a physical mailing address. I would then send the banner to the inspector to utilize during the event to promote CMI affiliation. It is my understanding that brochures are also in development and could be used in conjunction with a banner. Once the event is complete the banner would then be sent back to my office to be available to another CMI member.

Feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated. In addition to feedback on the idea and process of using such a banner, ideas are desperately needed on design and graphics. I lack a little in the creative department.

I look forward to hearing others thoughts on this topic.


Ryan M. Peel

Great idea Ryan;

Board of Realtor golf tourney’s would be a great application.

I’m pretty good at computer graphics, so if anyone has any ideas they want to throw at me, I can use my computer design abilities to create just about anything.