Special invite to Join Nachi

I inspected a Home Inspectors home yesterday very nice well maintained home and I would like to invite Roy B to join this organization I took a pic from his roof viewing his pond nice fishing wished I had brought my fishing pole to the inspection


Speaks very highly about you that another inspector would choose you to inspect his home. Thanks for the picture. Almost forgot what home looked like. I’m from Enid Oklahoma by the way. Also lived in OKC for eight years. Can’t wait to get back to Oklahoma one day.


How dare you not carry a fishing pole with you at all times! :wink:

Good idea Carl I think perhaps I will add that to my tool kit.:smiley: Wife does not need to know everything she allows me no time off.

Billy the home inspector was the seller he did not choose me but we got along just fine nice guy.

I live 50 miles east of Enid just off I-412 do a lot of inspection there a lot of military turn over.

I grew up in Harrah 20 miles east of OKC