Special Oven Feature

:mrgreen: :shock: :mrgreen:

3-2-11 053.JPG

Oh,…don’t set the hot 24 pound Thanksgiving bird on the oven door.:shock:

Good find.

How did you take that picture Brian?

Even wall units need anti-tip brackets! Who trained you anyway? Jeesh! :mrgreen:

It is a newer feature to help get piping hot pizza to the Kiddies quicker Jeffrey. :shock:

You broke it you fix it…:p…

I know, you would like the Master Closet shelves then too. :smiley:

shelving 056.JPG

shelving 055.JPG

I’m hope you have good insurance. :mrgreen:

Pizza Express???

Would be a better for the Inspector that does not find these things. :wink:

I installed so many of those things I hope it is not one of mine.

I agree.