Special Thanks from the Building Intelligence Center

On behalf of Bill Warner and myself I would like to thank everyone here at i-NACHI who have either directed individuals or mentioned our site to others. The Building Intelligence Center www.buildingcenter.org has become one of the most utilized sites on the web.

Currently the site gets over 25,000 hits per month. Nearly half each month are new visitors.

A huge thank-you and best wishes to all in the success of your business.

Thank you John. I use the web site all the time. It’s a great tool for our business.

Thank you John. Also, I placed a link below to another section of this forum where I attached a document to age FHP heat pumps. I didn’t quite know how to go about posting or if I were able to on your site for that matter. Hopefully more can benefit by it.



Thank You John! I use your site almost every inspection…

ditto !

Great site and used all the time.

I use the site almost daily as well. Thank you.

and don’t forget to donate to keep it the best that it is!

It is bookmarked on my phone.

Thank you John and Bill. I use your site all the time. A wealth of information