Special thanks to Neil DeGaris of Proven Home Inspection Service for donating to Cozy Coats for Kids!

Proven Home Inspection Service now has a business listing on our Donors page, visit:


Great work, Neil.
Kids need to be warm and feel like they fit in with other students and friends. A new coat expresses self esteem and pride.

I remember wearing hand-me-downs. I was the last, the 3rd of 3 boys 1.5 years apart. Mother sewed patches on the knees of trousers to get more use. I bet a majority of members know what I am referring to.
Winter coats were a different story. all together. We all got new winter coats, if we wanted. Yes the older coats were kept or sent to relatives, donated to neighbors and friends. You rarely put cloths in thrift boxes, if there were any. I even remember Mother sending cloths to New Brunswick when I was very young.

Good for you, Neil. :You’re The Best!"

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