Spectora... isn't truthful

I’ve noticed that’s spectora has been stealing narratives from everyone. I don’t mind that. However, at least say where the narrative came from.
Does everyone agree? I have over 40 years of narratives. And all I ask is to have recognition from what I did and what I said


There is no way in the world that I would use that software. They’re thieves…


As far as I know Spectora doesn’t sell narratives? I started out on Spectora with the nachi template which is the default template with some very basic, very poorly worded narratives. Are you saying those are yours?

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Roy, please do explain, this is very concerning!

Roy. Think for a moment.
1: You need proof of that alogation. And if so, did they get legal permission from the participants. As well, if that is the case, they would be liable for errors.

2: You have any copy writers lists of your narratives.

From what I understand, another software provider in my Province has been asking its members to help build a their narrative library. I have not been privy to any contractors but I do know 2 inspectors in my province that have assisted in building their narrative library.
And if so, they would be liable for errors.

They have some stock narratives, just assumed they made those.

I guess it is fine.

Spectora sells software. You have to supply your own narratives. They write no narratives.
In fact they don’t even make blank templates. You have to write your own or buy one from someone such as Kenton (I bought Kenton’s template with his narratives for HIP and also for Spectora).
Ben Gromiko shares his Spectora template for free on the Spectora website along with many other home inspectors who also share their templates.

Would you sue Facebook for saying that Trump is an idiot? No. All content is written by regular people/users/subscribers, not the platform or Zuckerberg. Same same.

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Spectora does not have stock narratives. They don’t have a stock template either. Where are you getting your ASSumptions?

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Apparently they do.

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They have templates offered by members. For example, there is a stock InterNACHI template from Ben Gromicko. I would assume Ben provided that to them, so if not then Ben can say so here. @bgromicko1

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I think all the home inspection softwares come with something. In Roy’s case, he may have read a report from someone, that used narratives he has shared on the forum at some point.


I checked out your link. You are right. They have a bunch of basic templates now. I had not seen those before. When I joined I only remember seeing the Ben Gromiko version "Big Ben’s Templateamong all the community ones.

I apologize for not knowing the current offerings.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I owe Roy Lewis an Apology!
Roy, I’m sorry if you had some language stolen. That’s a bummer.