Spectora reports can now be delivered via text message!

We all know the demographic for agents and homebuyers is getting younger and younger… At Spectora we’re constantly running agent and client focus groups to find out what they want out of the home inspection process. Our goal is to always provide the best tools for the modern home inspector to elevate their business and separate themselves from the competition.

Now Spectora users can deliver reports via text message to better connect with on-the-go clients and agents!

Text Message Report Delivery - The Official Spectora Blog

Is there a provision for collection of payment before release?

I heard that most folks can receive emails on their phones.

Who has time for that?

That had me scratching my head a little…I thought the amount of characters, including spaces, was ~160 for a text message.

Then I clicked Kevin’s link and realized it was a LINK TO A REPORT that was being delivered, not the report itself.

Maybe Mike P. is right in that some people need the extra time that may be saved…confusing to me… :shock:

I’m glad I’m retired. :smiley:

Carry on…:slight_smile:

Ditto. I’ve been doing that for years with my non-spectora reports!

For me personally if I get a text, I’ll check my phone right away. On the other hand if it’s an email, I may not immediately. I could see some people feeling a text with link is simpler than going into email.

I often text my client to inform them the report has been emailed.

Yes, there’s a box you can check that will make the report viewable only after payment has been received. You can also check a box if it was paid manually.