Spectora software

I am a new inspector in florida and just purcase the spector software and the Nachi Library from inspector outlet. However, the template is so advance that I am getting confuse. can someone show me the basic of what they use from the library for each section?


What part of the template is confusing to you? Maybe i can help

On the residential template in the software you have less information than the narrative library when you open the library you have more section to inspect that whats on the actual template

The narrative library and your template are 2 separate things. Use the narrative library to populate the template with whatever narratives you think you will need. Keep the library handy so you can add new narratives to your template as needed. Set up your template sections according to how you intend to inspect a home.

I don’t have the NACHI narrative library but from other’s comments, there will be a lot in there you will never use. Remember, the NACHI library is intended for users all over the country.

@kshepard might be able to give you some more tips on getting the narratives from the library into your template, since I believe it is actually his library.

Andre, I’m at a conference, but give me a call late tomorrow morning your time. 720-646-8724. Kenton