Spectoscope and Wi-Fi

I really like my Spectoscope, the telescoping pole with the remote Wi-Fi camera.
However I have a lot of problems with the Wi-Fi staying connected. I’m using the Panasonic SZ5 that came with the pole and also have used different android phones and an android tablet. All seem to have a problem keeping the connection. I also have a Samsung Wi-Fi camera and it has pretty much the same problem. Also I think it has something to do with the amount of other Wi-Fi in the area.

Anyone else have this problem or figured out a work-around?

I use the iphone with mine and I havent had any issues. Possibly an Android hiccup ? I am in a densely populated area with lots of Wifi but amazingly no interference.

I use iPhone with mine as well and so far so good.

I love my Spectoscope too. But mine is an older model that has trouble connecting inside steel commercial buildings. Panasonic couldn’t figure out the issue, though they tried and tried. The newer model Spectoscopes come with different brand cameras that work fine.

I use a sony action camera (similar to a go pro) with WIFI it connects to my android phone with no problem. I also mount it on a 4x4 rover to inspect tight crawlspaces, it maintains the connection over 60ft out.

The Sony action cam might be worth looking into. The only drawback is the fact that you have to take it out of the water proof case to turn it on. I ended up drilling holes in the case so I could turn it on easily/quickly during inspections and bought an extra case when I want it to be waterproof (when recreating with my kids).

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve tried a few things. Seams to be better if I turn off Data on my older LG phone and turn off “Auto Network Switch” on my newer Samsung S3.

From what I can tell the phone wants to connect to the best or strongest Wi-Fi signal around and or if the Wi-Fi connection from the camera is not better than the 3G or 4G network, it wants to switch from the camera’s signal. I think this is defiantly on the Phone/Android side because both my Panasonic camera and the newer Samsung I have does the same thing.